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There are some horses in our area that are being badly neglected (Erath County, TX). Is there anything that can be done to help alleviate their suffering? We have contacted the humane society and the sheriffs department and they have not changed this situation that has been going on for over a year. How can these horses be helped? They are on CR 428.

Tucson Cause for Canines desperately needs your help. Sweet, tiny Balboa the Boxer needs surgery to repair his cleft palate or he will never have a shot at a normal puppy life. 💔

Our little boy MUST have surgery, surgery that will cost thousands, to repair his palate or he will never be able to eat normally and will continually run the risk of getting food or water in his airway and lungs. Please help us help him.

Donate at:

THIS is why we Foster. Rescue. Adopt. Donate. Share. Transport. Volunteer. It literally saves lives. YOU can make a difference. YOU can save a life. ❤️🐶

Have you heard how amazing Young Living Essential Oils and their products are? We use the oils, supplements and other products DAILY in our rescue program, and we use them personally too.

If you would like to benefit from these incredible, ALL natural products, let me know. You can private message me or text me at 405-620-2411. We have seen AMAZING results with our rescue kids! Let me know if you'd like more information!!!

Our "Sip and Chip" classes on Thursday evenings @ 7p.m. with Dr. Brad Roach, DVM are an introduction to the benefits and safe usage of essential oils with animals, big and small. We also share how rescues can save money with the knowledge of usage as well as a second income stream if you choose. Dr. Roach will share how he uses Young Living in his clinics and how together, we bring value to pet parents and our rescue community. @hopefordogs I welcome you to share the benefits you've found.

Crackel (649555) would like to say hello. She got a new haircut that she wants to show off for Adopt A Senior Pet Month. She’s happy. She’s gentle. She loves going for walks and appears to be housebroken. This lovely lady also gets along with other small dogs. Her two roommates (Snap & Pop) have already been adopted, so let’s get her out of here too.

Efe and Ava, two purebred Anatolian Shepherds in Laguna Beach, CA, are available for adoption, hopefully together. The male (Efe) is about 6 years old; the female (Ava) is about 4.5 years old. Both are good with other dogs, cats, and children. They are housebroken, walk on a leash, know basic commands, and are absolutely beautiful. What's not to love?? Contact for more info.

Canelo has watched the better part of two years go by through his kennel window at Austin Animal Center, never giving up hope.

He had an unstable life outside the shelter, so he needs someone to help learn to feel safe and loved.

He's worth it, because he is the kind of dog who gives his whole heart. As one of his volunteer buddies says, “Once you are in, you’re in.”

If you are interested in Canelo, please email Peggy at or Lotta at

Hey everybody, I've been thinking about doing a music video about what we do to help promote OneRescue. What do you think of this song for the music? If not this, what songs would you use? Thanks! - Edward

I am teaching classes every Thursday 7p.m. with Dr. Brad Roach at Wellington Parke Animal Clinic, 3001 Tinker Diagonal. RSVP by text to Bev 405-833-5544

Good morning everyone! Today is Haven of Hope Rescue Day at Johnnie's! Go to any Johnnie's location, tell them you are there to support Haven of Hope and we will receive a portion of your meal price! All OKC locations! Enjoy a delicious burger and help us SAVE DOGS!!! AND, THEY HAVE PIE!!!!

Hi @tinytailssmalldogrescue, Edward, creator of OneRescue here. Welcome! What does your rescue do? Where are you located?

Hi @k9shuffler, I'm Edward, the creator or OneRescue... Welcome to the site! What do you do in rescue? What kind of pets do you have?

Looking for LOVE? You'll find it in Jared! Available for adoption at Haven of Hope Rescue!

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