Heads up everybody! Bring your pets inside, and check your gates and fences before you let your animal kids back outside!!!! Blown down fencing and gates are a HUGE contributor to lost pets!!!!!

Haven of Hope Rescue just sent a wonderful lab/border collie mix girl to her forever! YAY for Singer!!!

Also we do apply topically when we have scared dogs or puppies, and we drop a few droplets on their blankies too. It really helps so much!

Have you heard how amazing Young Living Essential Oils and their products are? We use the oils, supplements and other products DAILY in our rescue program, and we use them personally too.

If you would like to benefit from these incredible, ALL natural products, let me know. You can private message me or text me at 405-620-2411. We have seen AMAZING results with our rescue kids! Let me know if you'd like more information!!!

Good morning everyone! Today is Haven of Hope Rescue Day at Johnnie's! Go to any Johnnie's location, tell them you are there to support Haven of Hope and we will receive a portion of your meal price! All OKC locations! Enjoy a delicious burger and help us SAVE DOGS!!! AND, THEY HAVE PIE!!!!

Looking for LOVE? You'll find it in Jared! Available for adoption at Haven of Hope Rescue!

Hello everyone! Please introduce yourself and let us know your role in rescue! This will help us continue to refine and adapt this tool to help everyone as we all work together to save animals! Thank you for joining and I'm looking forward to working with each and every one of you!

Hey to everyone that has joined so far! Please type a quick note and introduce yourself and let us know what your rescue role is and how we can make this tool helpful for you!

We are excited to be a part of One Rescue! We have rolled out our invite link! For those folks joining through Haven of Hope Rescue, WELCOME and please let me know how I can help you learn this amazing new tool!!!!!

Hi all! My name is Lori and my husband and I operate Haven of Hope Rescue, a non-profit canine rescue org in Central OK. We focus on high risk/last chance kids, and have an on-site facility. We are working on opening our second facility and hope to open our doors next year! We have a huge issue right now with dumped dogs and puppies in our area. This is Parka, left alone in a rural area at six weeks old. She's safe with us, but I wanted to share our frustrations with people who dump pets!!

Hi everyone! I have been visiting with my good friend Edward and am now ready to jump in and learn this software!!! This is such a GREAT idea!!!!!


Welcome to OneRescue, the new social network for animal lovers, and dedicated to animal rescue.